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System is designed to budget. Owner has specifically asked for a quote on price.


Roof has a 5-degree pitch facing true north. Each panel/array is set to 21 degrees on tilted racking. This is so the panels can obtain the most sun light they possibly can. Also, there needs to be a 1400mm distance between each array so there is no shading on the other array. 

angel differnt.png

As at the moment the trees are not shading the panels. There is potentially a problem in the near future shown in the image to the left. There will be an issue with performance if the shading from surrounding trees on the eastern side of the building grow. The system performance graph is not designed for shading. It is recommend that you monitor your solar system to help with maintenance of your system.

1 paul street  layout.PNG

When there is a lot of cloud cover or any shading, readings can be very low. Monitoring the readings and maintenance of solar system will ensure that your solar system is working correctly. Even though panels are self-cleaning owner should source a company such as Wade Charlton Electrical to maintain and clean your solar panels. It is recommended that Wade Charlton should do all maintenance on your solar system. A clean energy council approved installer will come out and clean your panels, as well as a test and commission checklist on system. This will ensure your system is operating correctly.  


Your bill is $2100 a year, but with the solar system installed we can reduce this amount by 73%. This reduction will make your bill $567 per year. This is guaranteed for 5 years with the 5 year performance and system guarantee. BUT if found there is any tampering to the system or fault not caused by Wade Charlton Electrical, the system cannot be fixed under warranty or guarantee the 73% price reduction.

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